Saturday, April 11, 2009

It is always a party when the Stuart clan gets together. So from March 7th till April 4th we had lots of family visitng and fun activites of talking, eating, hiking, snowmobiling and enjoying each other. My brother Dale and Linda and family were the first to arrive on March 7th. Tony and Collete and family, and Adam came from Arizona March 13th overlapping Linda and Holly and Gina's stay. Or children that live in St. George area always come to spend time with our visitors so we all get to enjoy each other. We certainly missed Our daughter Tiersa and husband Kris and children. They were the only on es missing.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Friends Forever! Like Sisters!

Collette says it has been hard to see her friend Michele go home. Michele texts and calls Collette often and says she misses her friend Collette. Collette told me Michele feels like another sister and that Delaney feels like a beloved neice. An incredible journey has begun...for all of us. We look forward to meeting more of the Murtagh family.

The get Delaney here Support Team

Tony and Collette with Nigel and Michele and baby Delaney at dinner Feb. 4th.The next morning the Murtagh family departed to begin their life as a fmaily at their home in CA. We are all so happy for them! It was a pleasure to be present for this wonderful event and to get to know them. we look forward to a long and close relationship. They are coming to St. George this summer!!! Yeah!! Best wishes to you Michele, Nigel and Delaney.

Adam and Vaughn at dinner on Feb 4th

Adam and Ashley at dinner Feb 4th

Kris and Tiersa at dinner Feb 4th